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Revive Wellness Centers

Behind the lab-coats of Revive’s medical providers.

It’s important to know about the medical providers who take care of your appearance, health and wellness. The medical providers at Revive are happy to introduce themselves to you.

Shonda Chase FNP

Ms. Chase, a Family Nurse Practitioner, has been performing aesthetic medical treatments since 2004. As an advanced injector, Ms. Chase is highly experienced to safely perform the most complex facial restorations due to fat loss, genetics and the effects of general aging. Ms. Chase is also involved in structuring and performing medical device studies for FDA approval. Ms. Chase recently helped get a revolutionary radio frequency device for skin rejuvenation approved by the FDA. Next year, Ms. Chase is scheduled to be involved in two FDA studies. The first study is for a non-surgical device that kills fat cells in 30 minutes. The second study will provide a non-surgical treatment for male rejuvenation.

Allan Wu MD

Dr. Wu is a board certified OBGYN surgeon and a Diplomat of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgeons.  He is also an Associate Professor at UC Riverside’s Medical School. Dr. Wu is better known to other surgeons for his cosmetic surgery skills than he is to the general public. Dr. Wu is often asked to treat difficult cases and perform surgical revisions by his colleagues. Dr. Wu’s research has yielded a number of medical patents and he is in high demand to lead research studies for company’s medical devices for approval by the FDA. It was Dr. Wu’s research that greatly improved the results of stem cell fat transfers that he is doing at Revive Wellness Centers.

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