Trainers and best friends Jason Wimberly and Thomas Fairman joined forces to create a new type of movement based on the elements of Air, Earth, Fire, Water and the primal element of MAN. Their first mens-only course aspires to give men a place to connect to their true masculine self, while also allowing us to be vulnerable together in a safe place.

This is not your average fitness class, states Wimberly. “This is for the brave men who want to show up boldly in all aspects of their lives. This is for the wise man who knows he’s capable of more, and knows others can help him bring out his best. This is for the adventurous man who is hungry to explore and try new things. This is for any man who is ready to make a change in his life.”

“Our goal is to change that thought process by putting our clients through movement patterns that don’t just work your muscles, but challenge what you think is possible.”

“This is an extension of The Naked Trainers,” reveals Wimberly, “and all guests and instructors are nude. Your camera must be on at all times for class. For us, nudity is about freedom. Find that freedom in your body, and watch how quickly it shows up in other parts of your life.” 

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