Sexual Healing

An interview with Derek Young, administrative manager at Bad Dragon, a company specializing in custom, handmade fantasy sex toys.


In dealing with the LGBTQ community—what are the most common questions you are asked about your products?

It may come as a surprise, but questions that the LGBTQ community have regarding are products mirror the same kinds of questions people outside of the community have. These questions primarily are regarding the materials we use and if they are truly body safe. If I were to pick a couple questions that stand out among the rest though, from our (LGBT) community—I would say we are asked about knotting type toys, harnesses, and questions regarding our “Chance” models.

What type of guidelines would you offer a reader who has never purchased fantasy related toys—in terms of what is functional as opposed to what is fantasy?

First and foremost, start off smaller before going big! Because of the unique take and textures our toys have they have a curve of getting used to them that you must consider. While it is very pleasurable once you make it, by going to a size too big initially for you it makes that climb a bit harder. I feel we have hit a solid spread of sizes to choose from, so you can certainly choose any toy that meets with a fantasy you are aiming to achieve. But if there was a 50/50 tie breaker between one size or another go with the size down…

A question I am often asked is ‘Where do I start in the new world of Bad Dragon?” Fantasy play can be quite different, as much of it starts as a personal itch you want to explore, then find like-minded people who can share it with you. So where to start really begins with focusing in on one itch you have wanted to explore, be it from your past or present, and then look into products you feel would match that itch. You will want to condense your options into two to four choices that look like they could work, and then it becomes a far easier and enjoyable experience to choose something that fits your needs. Then when you are ready to explore again you take the experience you gained from the previous product, and rinse and repeat the process!

Have you noticed any change in clientele over the years?

I have noticed more people opening up, and wanting to explore something that looks interesting or sensual to them… I would say that people are more open to the idea of what makes them or another person feel good. This makes me very happy for a multitude of reasons, the most prominent being that they don’t limit themselves to one thing. I have a feeling that this might be due to the fact that fantasy play like Bad Dragon asks the person to welcome being open minded in the first place.

Has your experience working at Bad Dragon changed anything in your personal life, in terms of how you view intimacy?

To a degree… the concept of fantasy play is very prevalent in the Furry community, which is a unique root that Bad Dragon shares with me. So that concept was already there with me when I was hired… the only thing that has really changed is the fact that I have now heard every joke/comment in the book when it comes to working with dildos and sex products in general, so I have become a little desensitized. However, I still find things that absolutely crack me up and give me a legit laugh. I will say that the textures and material used in Bad Dragon toys sort of spoils me, I can never buy a normal dildo or masturbator sleeve again.

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