Feeling Productive

An interview with singer-songwriter and actor Tom Goss.


How are you coping with the extended safer at home order?

Honestly, I’m up and down. I’m doing my best to stay active (physically and mentally), connected with friends and family, and creative. Some days are better than others, but I’m hanging in there.

Do you have any tips to make the situation less daunting?

I’ve been broadcasting live every day at 1130AM (home workout) and 6PM (live music). That’s been a wonderful way to brighten my day. Not only am I being proactive, but I’m connecting with people as well. Furthermore, the people I’m connecting with are telling me how much it brightens their day, so I’m feeling productive! If you want to join me for either of these sessions, you can find me at www.facebook.com/tomgossmusic

How did the pandemic effect you professionally?

I’m having all my gigs canceled so I’m more or less sitting around, seeing my plans for the year disappear. It’s a bummer, some of these plans have been building for so long. That said, I’m very lucky in that my husband is busier than ever and that’s helping pick up the slack. I’m also lucky that my listeners are sensitive to what’s going on and sending me tips, supporting my patreon (www.patreon.com/tomgossmusic) and generally making me smile.

What new projects you are working on?

I’m in the process of writing and curating a global EP and video to help connect people during and raise money for charity during this time of isolation. If you’re interested in being in my new music video, I’d love to have you! Just send me an email at tom@tomgossmusic.com and I’ll walk you through the process. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to do it safely and securely at home.

Is there anything we haven’t asked that you would like to share with our readers?

My newest record Territories released in November and can be streamed on all your favorite platforms. I’m also finishing up a handful of new videos for the album as well. If you’re home (I know you are) and want to digest some great queer content, hop over to www.youtube.com/tomgossmusic to see some new and engaging videos.