The Profile

National Hardwood Flooring

Four years ago we began advertising in LGBT magazines—and we were pleased to see our business flourished. 

In 1975 Omer Katzir, the owner of National Hardwood Flooring, installed hardwood flooring. Then he moved into total home design and opened a retail showroom.

In 1990 he saw that the industry was moving toward hardwood flooring and closed his retail location and expanded it into a wholesale business called National Hardwood Flooring & Moulding.

He uses all that experience and expertise in the selection and purchasing of the hardwood flooring that our company is renowned for.

Four years ago, National began advertising in LGBT magazines. When we began advertising in the LGBT magazines we were pleased to see that our business flourished.

National Hardwood Flooring is superior to our competitors because Omer understands the industry as he has been in it for 42 years. He was a pioneer in the hardwood flooring industry and has an awareness of all the issues as he has installed this flooring for years. His knowledge is vast and he has faced and helped many people in the industry solve issues so they could obtain the end result they wanted.

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