Gay Hip Hop artist Rica Shay Released “NO MORE” Music Video


Gay hip-hop artist Rica Shay released his first solo music video.

Titled “No More,” the song “was inspired by my long term battle with depression,” Shay recently revealed in an interview with Out magazine. “About two years ago, I took a break from promoting myself to reflect on my situation and the persona I was creating. In the end, I decided to take things in a more authentic and raw direction. ‘No More’ was the first song I wrote after that point. I decided to talk a bit about my past as well as recent issues I was having with the nightlife scene I had become involved with. It is more or less an anthem to follow your heart and be who you are,” Shay said.

Performed with the deft flow of a poet and hip-hop fanatic, “No More” explores the dark and unfortunate forces that have inspired an uncanny and talented artist.

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