Singer/Songwriter JAMMISON: “Why ‘LATE’ Had To Be My Next Song Release”

In an interview with THE FIGHT, Los Angeles based Mexican-American singer/songwriter JAMMISON says that “growing up in the church, I was taught that being gay was an automatic ticket to hell, and it was very difficult to come out or to vent to anyone about my internal struggles in fear of being judged and becoming an embarrassment to my family.”

“Music was my escape. It was my hideaway. I would lock myself in my room for hours singing and playing my keyboard. In music, I found a way to “let it all out’ and indirectly vent,” reveals JAMMISON.

“As I got older, I always used music to help me cope with life’s struggles. When I felt sad, I’d write a song. When I was angry, I’d write a song. I think this is why I cling so much to minor tones. My personal life experiences, my loved ones, and my heartbreaks are usually my sources of inspiration.”

“At the age of 27 — while working in the corporate world — I realized that there was a part of me that was missing. I wasn’t following my purpose in life with music, and then I realized I couldn’t be completely happy until I actually made the effort to follow my dreams. All that talk about a human being’s need for self-realization definitely has some truth to it — at least in my personal experience.”

“After having contracted COVID-19 in June of 2020, I was terrified I wouldn’t survive or be able to sing again,” reveals JAMMISON. “That’s when I promised God and myself that I would release another song if (1) I survived COVID-19 and (2) I was able to sing again. I knew then that I didn’t want it to be “too late” to follow my dreams. I also realized that LATE had to be my next song release.”

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