Photographs by disabled, queer artist and activist Robert Andy Coombs at the Palm Springs Museum of Art

The “Touching History: Stonewall 50” exhibition at the Palm Springs Museum of Art—running through March 19, 2020—features, among others, photographs by disabled, queer artist and activist Robert Andy Coombs.

Bringing together an intergenerational group of contemporary artists working in photography and collage, the exhibition explores queer kinship, care, and community through the immediacy and intimacy of touch.”

Self-described as, “Ballsy, charming, devastatingly handsome, homosexual, yooper, disabled, artist, activist,” Coombs is currently working towards his Masters in Fine Art Photography at Yale University.

Grateful to be a part of the historic exhibition, Coombs says: “I am just glad that I can get the topic of disability and sexuality out to the masses, and more specifically, to have the opportunity to show that there are disabled queers out here. We need to be recognized and included within the queer community, because current queer spaces are inaccessible and unwelcoming to us!”

About the inclusion of Coombs work, “Touching History: Stonewall 50” curator David Evans Franz says, “Robert’s work is important within the exhibition both for its unabashed commitment to producing sex-positive imagery of disabled people, as well as the collaborative process in which they are produced.”

More about the Touching History: Stonewall 50 exhibition at www.psmuseum.org/art/exhibitions/stonewall-50

More about Robert Andy Coombs at www.robertandycoombs.com