Instagram Rejects PrEP Ad For Being “Too Political”

Instagram is banning ads for PrEP directed at gay and bi men for being too political, reports LGBTQ Nation.

The site is owned by Facebook, which has made it a matter of principle to accept political ads even if they’re untrue.

Apicha Community Health Center – a New York City health care provider that focuses on serving people of color, LGBTQ people, and people living with HIV – tried to place an ad campaign on Instagram to raise awareness about PrEP, the medication regimen that has been shown to be 99% effective in preventing the transmission of HIV if taken as directed.

But Apicha was told that they couldn’t place ads “about social issues, elections, or politics.”

“They said the copy was the problem but were unable to tell us what part of the copy was too political,” Apicha’s Phillip Miner told Vice. “It’s incredibly frustrating to encounter these sort of road blocks.”