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Winter Home Tips

As winter approaches, now is the best time to make sure your home is well protected, especially due to the extreme climate elements we are experiencing. Here are a few home safety tips.

1. The most important part of life is to have a roof over your head, so the first tip is to get your roof inspected. If your roof is over 15 years old you should have it checked out. Many companies offer free roof inspection.

2. Inspect your exterior wall covering. Many people assume that the exterior paint/coating is just for show, however it is to protect the stucco/wood from absorbing water and transferring it to the insulation and electricity running in the walls.

3. Insulation. If you feel like your home doesn’t keep the heat or takes too long to heat up, the cause may be the insulation. This can be due to missing insulation, moisture, or just due to age. The rule is if you’re missing 10% of the insulation, you losing 90% of the insulation of the house.

4. Windows. One of the most common areas for the cold and rain to come in to the house are the windows, if you have older windows—especially if they’re single glass or thin windows they do not insulate properly. The solution is to change them to double glass windows with Argon gas insulation between the glass panes.

5. Heating System. Many heating units in older homes don’t perform as they used to, the new units are more energy efficient and get the job done better. n

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