The Profile | 09.2015


We Are Family

Rohini Goldstein, founder of Beverly Hills Medical Plaza Pharmacy: fighting the good fight.


As I sit in the pharmacy staring at the décollage of butterflies glittering in an array of ivy branches, I hear the sound of stiletto heels embracing the ground.  Always dressed to impress, founder and owner Rohini Goldstein is trending in a St. John’s pant suit from the late 90’s— an outfit presidential candidate Hillary Clinton would swoon over.  Before addressing me, she heads straight towards one of her patients—a man who has been receiving his HIV medication from her for over 20 years.  Recently attending his mother’s funeral with him, Rohini checks in with him to see how he is doing mentally and physically.

Holding her signature orchids, she rushes over to me to greet me.  When I ask her about her agenda for the day, she outlines a laundry list of items specific to the patients who need her most. Identifying prescription discount cards and co-pay assistance programs are at the top of her to-do’s, followed by a directory of the names of physicians she must contact in order to initiate prior authorizations.

Rohini needs to meet with her drug wholesaler to ensure the shipment and quantities of vital medications arrive on time.  Ultimately, her goal for the day is to provide patients with the medication they need for an affordable price as soon as possible.

Intrigued by her passion and drive to serve her patients, I ask her why she goes above and beyond the expectations of a pharmacy.  She shares with me, “I don’t know what it’s like to have HIV or AIDS, but as a breast cancer survivor, I know what it means to need help.”

She elaborates by touring me around the pharmacy, outlining the details of gift items and decorations she hand-picked to make the front-end more inviting and warm than your average drug store.  She shows me her hybrid vehicle, which she purchased to make her complimentary deliveries more affordable for her bottom line.

Noting that several of her relatives work at the pharmacy, she states, “It’s simple.  I want to extend the constructs of my family to my patients.  I need every customer to feel that we are not only their advocates in health, but also, part of their support system to ensure their very well being. I’m here to fight the good fight, and make HIV/AIDS a thing of the past.”

Rohini Goldstein is the Founder of Beverly Hills Medical Plaza Pharmacy, located at 150 N. Robertson Blvd. in Beverly Hills, CA.