Dr. Peter Karlsberg, voted the “Best Dermatologist” in Ventura County for the last five years in a row, on the latest trends in men’s cosmetic rejuvenation.


According to Dr. Peter Karlsberg, a board-certified dermatologist, dermatologic and laser surgeon in private practice in Ventura, CA, cosmetic rejuvenation has become a rising trend among men over the past few years.

“All people, men included, want to look young for their age,” says Dr. Karlsberg in an interview with THE FIGHT. “Many people in today’s social environment are looking for second partners in life after divorces or separations. Others are looking to more effectively compete in a job market that favors youthful appearances.”

“In years past, rejuvenating meant going under the knife. Most results were not natural-looking, which may have been a turn-off for men,” states Dr. Karlsberg.

“I like to think of facial rejuvenation as restoring a patient’s face or appearance to his own youthful look. That being said—some patients have underdeveloped features or asymmetries, which can benefit from augmentation (such as an underdeveloped chin).”

For men over 40—reveals Dr. Karlsberg—the most common requests deal with repressing facial wrinkles, drooping, or loss of youthful facial contour.

“Loss of volume in the midface is often a sign of aging, and tends to impart a tired look to the face. Fortunately we now have very effective and long-lasting fillers that can be used, in experienced hands, to restore a more youthful, less tired shape to the aging face,” says Dr. Karlsberg.


“My philosophy is to customize a treatment plan based on my patients’ needs using the most effective, least invasive, and most cost-effective tools.”


Beyond fillers, which restore youthful contours to the face, relaxing agents such as Botox and Dysport are used to treat hyperactive or overly active muscles that tend to produce wrinkles. “The most common application of this would be to scowl or worry lines between the brows.”

When asked how he finds the right balance between looking youthful—without it being obvious that a man had work done—Dr. Karlsberg states that “the best results are produced by a physician who has an artistic sensibility and well-rounded expertise to create a natural and aesthetically-pleasing look. A physician who possesses a broad array of tools and experience can best achieve that subtle, natural look for each individual.”

SkinDeep0815_DrKarlsburg“Patients should be careful when shopping—don’t look for the ‘best deal’ on your filler, botox, or laser procedure. The more important factor is who you choose to perform the procedure,” says Dr. Karlsberg.

Aside from facial restoration—The Karlsberg Center for Restorative Dermatology offers CoolSculpting and other non-invasive body-sculpting procedures.

Other treatments include MiraDry to treat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), Fraxel skin resurfacing, and VersaPulse laser treatment for eliminating broken capillaries.

“I have been performing laser and facial rejuvenation procedures for over 20 years,” states Dr. Karlsberg. “It was an integral part of my training as a resident, not something I learned at a weekend crash-course. I have trained many physicians and published articles in the area of facial rejuvenation.”

“I really enjoy taking time with my patients to hear their aesthetic concerns,” says Dr. Karlsberg.

“My philosophy is to customize a treatment plan based on my patients’ needs using the most effective, least invasive, and most cost-effective tools, and my practice offers a wide array of services and products to help reach the optimal outcome.”


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