Six Decades Of LGBTQ Activism: FX’s “Pride” Docuseries. WATCH TRAILER!

Ahead of Pride Month in June, FX Networks will air a documentary series chronicling the LGBTQ community’s fight for civil rights in the United States across six decades, reports NBC News.

Directed by seven renowned queer filmmakers, “Pride” is a six-episode limited series debuting Friday that shines a spotlight on some of the most celebrated LGBTQ milestones and trailblazers, along with lesser-known pivotal moments and activists going back to the 1950s.

“LGBTQ history is American history,” Alex Smith, one of the film’s directors, told NBC News. “It’s important to know how we got our rights. It’s important to discuss members of our community who are still disenfranchised. It’s important for us to know the history we were never taught, and it’s important LGBTQ people see themselves in their own history.”