The TWILIGHT Zone: Trump, Today, On LGBTQ Support: “I’ve Done Very Well With That Community.”

During a press gaggle today, Tuesday, President Donald Trump took a question from The Washington Blade’s Chris Johnson, who has long been a member of the White House press pool, though rarely called upon, reports Think Progress.

Johnson asked if Trump was okay with the way his administration has made it easier to discriminate against LGBTQ workers; Trump ignored the question and instead boasted that gay Republicans seemed to like him.

“Well you know I just got an award and an endorsement yesterday from the exact group. You saw that,” Trump said, referring to the Log Cabin Republican endorsement that was in fact from last week. “They gave me the endorsement yesterday, and I was very honored. Log Cabin. The Log Cabin group. And I was very honored to receive it.”

“No, I’ve done very well with that community,” Trump continued. “Some of my biggest supporters are of that community, and I think they — and I talk to them a lot about it. I think I’ve done really very well with our community.”


Trump thinks gay Republican support excuses his anti-LGBTQ policies