BuzzFeed: Straight Acceptance Versus QUEER Difference

(Photo: “Love,Simon”)

This year we’ve seen a number of mainstream stories focusing on straight people’s relationship to queerness — which insist that queer people are “normal” and “just like you!”— rather than queer people’s relationship to their own identities, writes BuzzFeed contributor John Sherman.

“‘Gays are just like everyone else’ has been the rallying cry of a certain strain of gay liberation, a tactic that succeeded in ending policies like Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, toppling the Defense of Marriage Act, and achieving federal marriage equality,” writes Sherman.

“And yet these efforts have been criticized from more radical corners of the LGBT community for their focus on issues concerning only the most privileged of Americans. The double-edged sword of normalcy-as-value is that it is always including and excluding with the same stroke.”