LALP Guide 2017: LA30

Extraordinary leaders ensuring our future.

The LALC has established The LA30 Program in order to identify supporters of LA’s leather community willing to make a commitment of at least $250 per person ($500 per couple) on an annual basis in order to assure the ongoing financial stability for the Coalition and L.A. Leather Pride.

Members of The LA30 have a high level of access and priority, and serve as an attentive liaison between the LALC and the leather community it serves.

The Los Angeles Leather Coalition wishes to recognize and thank those who made extraordinary leadership commitments to secure the future L.A. leather Pride. The following individuals are members:

Jim Neuman
Doug Beardslee
Dr. Lawrence Burden and William Terrell
Randy Carmenaty in Memory of Bob Tomasino
Kevin C. and Brian D.
Carlos Dievez
Steve Ganzell
Mike Gerle and Garret McClure
Steve Harman
Charlie Matula and Hunter Fox
Marlon Morales
Jon Wright and Eric Womack
Esteban Jimenez and Leo Iriarte
Jeffrey Erdman
Xavier O. Espejo
Lou Romano
Michael Lara and Dennis Schulte
Donald Jones Jr. Anspauch
Gary Burg and Todd Sahara
John Freeman
Apolonio E. Muñoz III
Eric Paul Leue
Robert Green
Patrick Smith and Michael Milenitza
Dave Rhodes