The Art


Sr. Creative/Art Director

“Starting out as a set designer in L.A. was intimidating, to say the least. I was surrounded by so much talent and well-connected talent… I was nervous I wasn’t good enough, didn’t know the right software, and that there was always someone better than me waiting to take the next job. I kept procrastinating on creating and selling my personal art until a really successful Disney Imagineer gave me the best advice I’ve heard. He told me ‘Just do what you love, relentlessly, and someone will eventually pay you for it.’ He was right. In doing what you love, you attract genuine people that love you and your work and you start to slowly become part of the massive craft party that is Los Angeles. I turned to miniatures when I didn’t have work designing full-fledged sets. Minis allowed me to study sets without breaking the bank and they take up, literally, a twelfth of the space. They let designers play in different worlds that are not contained to a computer screen. They help me look at everyday items in a new light to see if they would work as something different at 1:12 scale. Not to mention, they captivate viewers and create stories all on their own. After I had a few miniatures under my belt people started offering to buy them. I started getting lots of amazing ideas from clients for custom commissions and it took off from there. I love what I do and I love creating for people and being connected to their lives forever through my art.”.  •