SHOCKER! One-Third of Trump Appeals Court Judges Have History of Anti-LGBT Bias

A new report on President Trump’s judicial appointments finds that one-third of the judges Trump has appointed to the federal appeals court have a demonstrated history of anti-LGBT bias, showing once again the lasting influence the GOP stocking of the courts will have on the U.S, reports Slate.

The report by LGBTQ civil rights group Lambda Legal also shows how distressingly effective the Trump administration and its GOP allies in the Senate have been in ramming through nominations to the circuit court with a whopping 50 judges confirmed to the appeals court so far. Of those 50 nominees, zero have been black, one is Latino, and nearly 80 percent have been men, the report found.

These judges will have an extraordinary impact on the U.S. legal system because while the Supreme Court only hears roughly 100 cases in a year, the circuit court hears tens of thousands of appeals from lower courts.