Conservatives In A TIZZY Over Hallmark’s Lesbian Wedding Ad. WATCH!

Last week, the Hallmark Channel, long a bastion of heteronormative holiday movies, announced that it would be open to making a Christmas movie that featured a same-sex couple, which sent conservatives spiraling, reports the Advocate.

Now One Million Moms is calling for a boycott of the channel over an ad it ran for Zola wedding planning that features a (gasp!) lesbian wedding with a kiss.

In response to the ad, One Million Moms wrote:

“Please reconsider airing commercials with same-sex couples, and please do not add LGBT movies to the Hallmark Channel. Such content goes against Christian and conservative values that are important to your primary audience. You will lose viewers if you cave to the LBGT agenda.

“The Hallmark Channel has always been known for its family friendly movies. Even its commercials are usually safe for family viewing. But unfortunately, that is not the case anymore. Recently, One Million Moms received concerns about Hallmark airing a commercial from in which two lesbians are shown kissing at the end of their wedding ceremony.”


One Million Moms