SHOCKER: Rev. Franklin Graham Says Teaching LGBTQ History Is An “Affront to God”

Right-wing pastor and (shocker!) Trump supporter Franklin Graham appeared on Todd Starnes’ radio program yesterday, where he praised a New Jersey mayor who is fighting a state law that requires schools to teach about LGBTQ history, declaring that public schools have no right to “teach our children something that is an affront to God,” reports Right Wing Watch.

Alfonso Cirulli, the mayor of Barnegat Township, is opposing the new law and Graham stands behind him “100 percent.”

“The mayor is absolutely right,” Graham said. “This is an affront to God and I don’t believe that the schools have a right to teach our children something that is an affront to God. So the mayor is absolutely right and I back him 100 percent. God made us and created us, he made us male and female so that we can carry on the population, so that we have children and that we would increase, and homosexuality goes against God’s plan for the human race.”


Franklin Graham: Schools Have No Right ‘To Teach Our Children Something That Is an Affront to God’