Republican Lawmaker: Killing Gays? HILARIOUS!

(Photo: Mike Hill)

Florida Republican State Rep. Mike Hill, a lawmaker whose bills are so absurdly stupid they can’t even pass in Florida, spent the weekend in the fetal position dodging the consequences of his own bigotry, reports Miami New Times.

Friday, the Pensacola News Journal released audio of Hill laughing in response to a constituent’s suggestion that he pass a law sentencing gay people to death. Almost immediately, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle called for an apology.

But instead of simply admitting he’d callously made light of anti-gay violence, Hill dug his heels in and repeatedly refused to say he was sorry. 

“Absurd to ask me to apologize for a statement that I did not make and that no one took seriously. This is a social media lynching!” he tweeted Saturday.