Conservatives In A TIZZY Over Walmart Gay Dating Ad. WATCH!

An anti-LGBTQ hate group is up in arms over a gay video produced by Walmart, reports LGBTQ Nation.

Walmart has a series that it’s promoting on its Facebook page called Love is in the aisle: A dating show at Walmart. The videos show people going on blind dates at Walmart.

The second episode is about two gay guys, Pat and Andy, where they shop and joke around and Andy asks if 3-in-1 shampoo/conditioner/body wash actually contains all three of those products.

The looney anti-gay American Family Association is up in arms over the video, and is telling people to call Walmart’s customer service to ask them to “remove the pro-homosexual video and remain neutral on controversial issues,” such as whether gay people are allowed to exist, reports LGBTQ Nation.