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Keep Coming Back

We asked a few local clean and sober individuals why they stay sober and what they do to maintain their continuous recovery.



“I’m sober because I choose to be alive and I choose to have control over my life. When I’m sober, I am able to be loved and care for people and not be selfish. I help people achieve their goals. I choose to be a person who has knowledge and is aware of the things that are happening in his life. That wasn’t the case before. I didn’t care about anybody. I did not have control of my life and I was almost crazy outside on the streets. I don’t want that future for myself. I maintain my sobriety by being honest. I have a few people that I love and trust and whenever I feel like I need to talk to someone when my head is going crazy, I reach out to them. I also try to stay in the middle of the boat. I go out there. I talk to people. I reach out my hand. I commit to things even if I’m not comfortable, like today, I don’t feel comfortable talking over the phone because of my English barrier. But today, I overcome those fears and I choose to be a better person.”

—Adahin Guillen, sober since December 21, 2015.


“I stay sober because when I was out there using, I was a mess. I just couldn’t cope with it anymore. I have to stay sober because I want different things. The more I get sober, the better my life becomes. I make a great connection with different people who I never thought I would be friends with. I started to learn to love myself and not beat myself up. I keep my sobriety by reaching out to my support group and doing things like going back to the Van Ness Recovery House and being of service to the newer residents and just helping out. I also work the 12 steps with my sponsor. Now I’m a worker among workers. And I’m learning to have hobbies, instead of just having free time and just being in my head. Today I’m happy.”

—Ayanna Miller, sober since January 9, 2018.


“I’m sober today because I like being present. I like having more self-esteem. I like being able to support myself. I have friends now and I can be a friend and I have peace and serenity in my life. How I stay sober is I remember what my consequences of drugs and alcohol use are for me. Today I’m honest with people about how I feel. I reach out and call people, I try to help other people and I practice discipline by doing what I am supposed to do and doing what I say I’m going to do.”

—Brandon DeHart, sober since August 26, 2016.