Being Alive

The go to place for mental health and more.


My introduction to Being Alive happened in one phone call. I was sitting with a close friend who had just heard that he had tested positive. It was overwhelming. It always is. The agony of being asked, will I live a normal life? What am I gonna tell my family? Then I made that phone call. Before we hung up, he had an appointment to start the process of accessing services, he had an appointment to come in and get supportive counseling….and he had an answer. It wasn’t gonna be easy but he would make it.

A while later, there was another phone call. It was from his mom. From thousands of miles away. She called to say thank you…

There’s more to health than just medical care services when you are HIV+. Feeling safe and helped by caring, empathetic, compassionate, and a non-judgmental staff is vital. Being Alive is West Hollywood’s and Los Angeles County’s go to place for the best in LGBT & HIV specialized mental health services even for those in sero-discordant relationship (with PrEP helping create new dynamic relationships), those at-risk and even sex workers, in a safe, LGBT-affirming environment.

As a collaborative partner to LA’s Providers Network of HIV agencies, Being Alive delivered over 23,558 mental health, social services and integrated wellness services in the last 12 months.

With over 30 years of service, Being Alive is still LA’s premiere and beloved, mental health and wellness, no-cost provider to our community.

More information at (323) 874-4322.