Pushing The Envelope

Bad Dragon’s body safe, unique fantasy toys are made by good people with positivity towards their clients’ wants and needs as individuals.


Bad Dragon came about when our CEO, who was attending university in Scotland for electrical engineering, decided on a whim to grab some sculpting clay and take up a new hobby,” says Steven Vest, the company’s marketing director, in an interview with THE FIGHT.

“After discovering that the only thing that he could make with any proficiency were things of a phallic nature, he had people inquire about buying his sculptures. Not intending it to become more than a thing to do in his spare time, he suddenly realized the potential for the sculptures as fantasy adult products,” reveals Vest.

When asked if the approach to sexuality and fantasy has changed over the past few years, Vest says that “people are becoming more inclusive and sex positive in regards to gender and fetish… With a more positive approach to gay and gender equality being seen by most American citizens, the level of acceptance for individual kink, sexuality and preference is at an all-time high.”

“The importance of things like BDSM, sex education and consent are finally being brought to the forefront of the collective consciousness of America’s youth, which will lead to what we feel can be a golden age of sexual discovery,” states Vest.

“Our clients all wish to have body safe, unique fantasy toys made by good people with positivity towards their wants and needs as individuals.”

The company’s  best sellers, reveals Vest, range from the more realistic anthro toys like Rex and Chance to the more mundane and vanilla toys like Echo and Nox. “Our great customers have many different things they prefer in the products they choose. Some like girth, some desire texture, many enjoy some good curvature, and we like to offer something for everyone.”

By pushing the envelope with new materials and technology, Bad Dragon has gained a reputation for producing visually appealing, robust, high-quality toys with innovative features at industry standard prices.

This dedication and focus on attention to detail has made Bad Dragon the market leader in their field.

Folsom Street Fair, says Vest, is one of our favorite events of the year. We absolutely love being able to see our customers up close and talk with them about the company and the opportunities we have to be better. We look forward to getting to visit with you and help you get to the know the products and people that make Bad Dragon great.”

For more on their products visit bad-dragon.com.