Senior Services

The L.A. LGBT Center’s Triangle Square offers affordable housing for LGBT seniors.


There are an estimated 65,000 LGBT people over the age of 64 who live in Los Angeles, 68% of whom live alone. More than others of their age, LGBT seniors struggle to afford housing because they’re four times less likely to have children and grandchildren to support them and twice as likely as their heterosexual counterparts to live alone.

The Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Senior Services Program includes Triangle Square, the world’s first—and L.A.’s only— affordable housing development (104 units) for LGBT seniors (originally developed by Gay and Lesbian Elder Housing, now a program of the Center).

The Center’s large and fast- growing services for seniors help meet many of the life-sustaining needs of LGBT people over the age of 50, including food and case management, while providing a wide array of life- and health-enriching programs and activities that also help end the isolation so many experience.

These services include

  • Health and wellness programs (exercise, stretching
    and conditioning, chair yoga)
  • Enrichment classes (computer, writing, art, dancing,
    acting, photograph, etc.)
  • Monthly dinners and social networking opportunities
  • Cultural excursions (theater, opera, museums, etc.)
  • Educational seminars and workshop
  • Senior-Youth Photo Project
  • Senior-Youth Dinners
  • Men’s activities
  • Women’s activities (L50+)

For more info visit or call 323-993-7400.