Cam4 Performers

Web cam performers have slowly become recognized as a force to be recognized in the adult entertainment industry.

One of the largest live cam websites in the world, CAM4, offers many different types of performers and are dedicated to ensuring those performers get the support they need in order to succeed and grow.

They are also committed to the empowerment of the LGBTQ community and take great pride in being one of the largest LGBTQ sites out there. With new performers signing up every day, CAM4 is growing and becoming a family that everyone is proud to be a part of.

Check out these new and upcoming CAM4 performers.


“CAM4 has become my home,” states Wes. “They really care about the success of their performers and want them to succeed in all areas of their life, not just camming. It is an open community where thousands of people feel accepted and free. I get to talk to people every day who share the same interests and really find camming erotic… A lot of people are very cautious about performing because society has drilled it into our minds that it’s a shameful profession. Don’t let that stop you! If it’s something you really want to do, then do it. You should do whatever makes you happy, and don’t worry about what other people think.” You can find my coaching session at

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Daniel James is a 23 year old disabled amateur pornographer and CAM4 performer living in Toronto. Daniel loves attending local sex clubs, and private play parties. He states: “I was hooked after my first visit. Most of us are just more open and expressive about our sex lives than others. These days, when I’m feeling hot and heavy late at night I’ll just open a hookup app and try to pull… The most exciting aspect of cam work is being able to interact directly with the fans, and make friends with the other models. Internet porn has really evolved over the years to a point where people have requests and fetishes they want fulfilled in a certain way at a moment’s notice, and cam work has satisfied that demand in the marketplace where a video on a tube site cannot.”

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At 20 years old, and heavenly endowed, Xdeanmachine has worked as a male dancer and has now transitioned in to a very popular CAM4 performer. He states, ‘My first show went amazing. A little nerve wracking, but it was good. I liked the fact that it was one on one… Getting on CAM4 from the comfort of your own home and allowing people to see your intimate evenings is exhilarating. I couldn’t ask for a better way to interact with other gay males around the world.”

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Jdkillsxxx, CAM4’s newest performers, states, “I love logging on and knowing that people are waiting for you. They are waiting for you to entertain them, talk to them, tease them, and get of with them.” Many performers have different reasons as to why they cam. Jdkillsxxx doesn’t just do it for the money. He does it because he loves it. “Don’t just cam for the money. Enjoy the process and the excitement of meeting new people. The money will come.”

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