David Pevsner’s first CD of original gay songs—funny, raunchy, sexy, and sweet.


As an actor, writer and live performer in his one-man musicals “Musical Comedy Whore” and “To Bitter and Back,”  David Pevsner has never shied away from sensitive, risqué, or outrageous subject matter.

On his CD of comedy songs “Most Versatile” he enters the recording field with a collection of truly funny, dirty, smart, sometimes emotional, and always well-crafted tunes that leave no aspect of the gay experience unturned, most gleaned from his real life experience. Work (“The Naked Maid”), sexual history (“The Book of Lust”), unfortunate medical situations (“Pain in the Butt”), fantasy (“The Perky Little Porn Star” and “The Best Part”), leather/BDSM (“Accoutrements”), searching for that impossible love (“Ballad”), aging single (“Shoot Me”)—songs that are a whirlwind of one man’s gay experiences- recognizable to all of us.

His honesty, shamelessness, and wit set this collection apart from the standard musical comedy/cabaret fare. Featuring guest artists such as Maxwell Caulfield, Jim J. Bullock and more, it’s a ball. The ditties are definitely meant for adults: gay, straight or otherwise…anyone with an open mind and a funny bone.

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