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Dr. Jay S. Grossman, DDS, specializes in correcting dental damage related to substance and drug abuse.


TheProfile_0916_DrJWith more than 25 years of experience treating patients with substance abuse, Dr. Jay S. Grossman, DDS, has seen thousands of patients struggle with addiction.

“I understand the psychological aspects of recovery, as well as the dental damage related to addiction,” reveals Dr. Grossman in an interview with THE FIGHT.

“I know that my team can get our patients’ teeth back in shape, correcting the damage done by neglect, abuse, and lack of professional care. This, coupled with my background in psychology, enables us to be empathetic, compassionate, while providing high-end, high-quality dentistry.”

“Our practice is trained in providing alternative pain management solutions without narcotics,” states Dr. Grossman.

“Depending on the addiction (and if the person is still in a therapeutic environment), we will have extensive conversations with their treating doctors about what pain management solutions we should use,” explains Dr. Grossman.

“Fortunately, we have many options that can be tailored to the addiction, the medical therapy and the stage of recovery the patient is at.”

“I have always felt very close to the LGBTQ community—when my daughter married her girlfriend, it was one of the most memorable, exciting days of my life.”


Dr. Grossman’s connection with the LGBTQ community began during his training in New York.

“I remember when HIV came on the scene, and when I diagnosed my first HIV positive patient based on an oral lesion. It was an emotional day for me, especially since the patient expired a few months later—and I was with him to the end,” reveals Dr. Grossman.

“A few years later I moved to Los Angeles and bought a dental practice from an openly gay dentist, and inherited a large gay population,” says Dr. Grossman.

“I have always felt very close to the LGBTQ community—when my daughter married her girlfriend, it was one of the most memorable, exciting days of my life,” reveals Dr. Grossman.

In general, says Dr. Grossman, the gay community is much much more concerned with esthetics, maintenance, and health. “There is a clear demarkation in my practice… the gay community keeps their appointments at a higher rate than the straight community and are much more conscientious about teeth whitening, crowns and overall health.”


Dr. Jay S. Grossman and his team have been providing extraordinary dental care, with compassion and excellence for three decades.

“In addition to our commitment to the LGBTQ community, we also reach out to homeless veterans and foster children,”  reveals Dr. Grossman. “So much so that we have a 21 year old foundation, with Sharon Stone as a board member, and have provided over 3 million dollars in donated services since inception. “

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For readers of THE FIGHT, Dr. Grossman is offering a free consultation for Invisalign (a $125 value) and free teeth whitening with a minimum donation of $200 to Homeless Not Toothless (a $500 value).

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