Palm Springs MOD SQUAD



In just 90 minutes, discover what makes Palm Springs the Mecca for mid-century modern architecture.


Palm Springs is the perfect destination for those seeking a hip, architecturally cool city to explore. For over 100 years, artists, designers, architects and Hollywood stars have been drawn to this corner of the Southern California desert making the city a hot bed of creativity.

Palm Springs Mod Squad offers architecture and design tours of the city.  Not to be missed is The Essential Palm Springs Tour.  In just 90 minutes, discover what makes Palm Springs the Mecca for mid-century modern architecture and still have time to relax by the pool!

Tours are helmed by designer and architectural aficionado, Kurt Cyr.  A natural showman, Kurt shares his intimate knowledge of the city, making each tour an exciting architectural journey.

With a maximum of just five individuals per tour, Palm Springs Mod Squad tours are intimate, personalized experiences.

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“Super informative and interesting!”

“The 90 minutes flew by! Kurt is very engaging and knowledgable… I’m relatively familiar with much of the architecture in Palm Springs but every stop had something new that I didn’t know.”

—Ace and Spade, Vancouver, Canada

“Great Tour—Great Tour Guide!”

“The tour was perfectly paced so we stayed very engaged, but also very well timed so we could take in all the fantastic sights and information. Kurt’s knowledge of the Palm Springs area, its history, and his insights on the ‘story behind the story’ really makes you feel as though you ‘lived’ the experience as opposed to just passing through.”

—David C., Westlake Village, CA


Tours are $60 per person and run daily.  Book your tour online at