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Alternatives Addiction Treatment

One Size Never Fits All

Alternatives Addiction Treatment offers Non-12-Step based addiction treatment that utilizes the latest evidence-based approaches. Alternative’s non-traditional approach allows clients to play an active role in their own treatment, which includes having a voice in setting their treatment goals: whether that be abstinence or moderation. Alternatives stands by the belief that individuals struggling with drug or alcohol use should not be bound by the “addict” label; the expectation to remain abstinent for life in this way can be unrealistic and damaging to millions of people who struggle with drug or alcohol use.

The vision at Alternatives is that a single system of treatment, no matter how effective, will never be able to address every individual. At Alternatives, they believe there is another way.


Bio-Affective Management™ is a system unique to Alternatives. It utilizes individual and mini-group work across the following domains:

Individual and group therapy for core-issues resolution.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) sessions addressing past & present issues contributing to addiction problem.

Choice-Control Restructuring™—addressing learning-related brain changes linked to using that rob clients of behavioral control.

Affect-Response Regulation Training™—building awareness around the relationship between emotions & self-defeating behavior.

Structural Scaffolding Training™—evidence-based techniques to improve clients’ grasp on their daily activities & direction in life.

Neuro-Education—guidance about the relationship between addiction & the brain as well as tools to compensate for neuronal deficits.

Neurofeedback & Biofeedback—individually tailored treatment that reduces anxiety, improves sleep & resolves impulsivity issues helping clients reduce their need to self medicate.

Mindfulness—meditation & mood regulation techniques proven to help addicts regain a measure of control.

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