The Warrior Within

Dangerous Looking MMA Fighter

The Warrior Within

Enhance, redefine, and cultivate the spirit of the warrior in you at The Paradise Warrior Retreat Center.


The Paradise Warrior Retreat Center is a melting pot for warriors of all ages, genders, nationalities, religions and disciplines. The purpose of the seminar-retreat is to provide attendees with the principles and strategies of fighting, which can be applied in any type of combat, or in day-to-day survival.

The seminars help you shed the ties of western civilization and connect you with the elements of nature and the core of your own soul.

The instructors at the seminar are all martial arts legends, world champions and role models. The seminar is meant for anyone with or without experience. The classes are not only about fighting: they are about discipline, principles, techniques and strategies.

The seminar’s main goal is to enhance, redefine, and cultivate the spirit of the warrior in you. It is about teaching the “Way of the Warrior,” his codes and principles. It is about reaching a higher spiritual awareness, understanding your main goals and purpose in life, and learning how to achieve them.

The seminar-retreat is conducted in a safe environment with an emphasis on the individual’s level of knowledge. All beginners will be taught and tutored by the instructors. All advanced students will be able to practice with guest MMA fighter.

Register NOW to enjoy a weekend of training and fun with MMA’s best. Beginners, those without experience or experts – all are welcome.

The seminar takes place at The LA Convention Center, February 7-8, 2015, from 10am-5pm.
To register call (877) 797-1001 or visit