The Art


“I am interested in the intersection of the varied meanings of the word fantasy. Utilizing crafts and aesthetics from the literary style to examine a place where mundane idle thoughts, blend with sexual desire and magic. My work branches into two series: The first are the Landscape paintings, and the second are from the Dollhouse.

The landscapes are inspired by the sweeping title sequences at the beginning of films like The Shining or The Sound of Music. These scale miniatures are constructed utilizing techniques for building terrain battle maps for tabletop role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons.

Work from the Dollhouse series is initiated with the development of architectural structures, which act as an extension of emotional experience rather than of physical needs. These structures, which will eventually be stitched together in related series of  paintings, photographic prints and art books, contain a variety of tableaus portraying a queer esoteric purgatory.”.    •    Instagram: @remygierke