Which Road In Los Angeles Has Been Renamed Obama Boulevard?

A stretch of road in Los Angeles has been renamed after former President Barack Obama, reports The Associated Press.

A concert and ceremony Saturday unveiled Obama Boulevard. The street replaced Rodeo Road, a 3 ½-mile street that runs across the city’s historic black neighborhood. It also intersects with Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and further establishes a “presidential row” that includes Washington, Adams and Jefferson boulevards.

“I get to live in a lifetime where we elected our first black president,” The Rev. Russell Thornhill of South Los Angeles told KABC TV. “I get to share that with my mother, who’s 92 years old who voted and actually went to the inauguration. I called her before I came here to let her know what I was doing, and she was just in tears because she was seeing in her lifetime … the naming of a street of the first black president in this community.”