PRIDE WAS A PROTEST! The Impossible But True Story Of Gay Pride. FREE Event!

Facilitated by August Bernadicou.

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Ellen Broidy: Proposed the idea of the first Pride march; participated in the Lavender Menace Zap

Reverend Troy Perry: Founded the Metropolitan Community Church, the largest LGBTQ Church with over 400,000 members around the world

Martha Shelley: Co-founded the pioneering, gay activist group, the Gay Liberation Front (NYC); participated in the Lavender Menace Zap

Perry Brass: The Gay Liberation Front (NYC); co-founded Callen Lorde, a health network dedicated to providing care to New York’s LGBTQ population; author

Dr. Don Kilhefner: The Gay Liberation Front (LA); co-founded the LA LGBT Center, the largest LGBTQ Center in the world; co-founded the Radical Faeries, an international network dedicated to exploring gay consciousness; Jungian-depth psychologist

Learn history from the original outlaws as they tell their story of fear and running during the first march that became Gay Pride.

Date and time:

Sat, June 26, 2021, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM PDT

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