Baby Yors SEXY New Video. WATCH!

In his sexy new video for “Like a Gun,” Baby Yors dances around an empty room like his life depends on it, gyrating, spinning, and leaping up a storm, reports The Advocate.

Singing in both English and Spanish, the Latinx artist unleashes his full artistic vision in the video and song he wrote, produced, choreographed, styled, and edited.

“This song is a sexual fantasy,” Baby Yors tells The Advocate“It is about the weapon-like qualities of a penis and the attraction and tension that a bulge can generate — in the song, I hold back the urge to get closer to the gun, but I flirt with the idea.”

He told The Advocate that the song represents “the beginning of a new and more raw personal creative era, a reflection on the pandemic, and expressing a love for male genitalia.”