Prince Harry Steps In To Prevent Gay Soldier From Being Abused

A former British soldier, who was the first openly gay serviceman to feature on the front of UK’s Soldier magazine, has told Forces News how Prince Harry stepped in to protect him from other soldiers.

James Wharton said the Duke of Sussex, who was his tank commander in 2008, was “quite offended” by the incident and “told them off.”

“I’d got myself into a bit of a situation with some soldiers from another regiment and, essentially, they didn’t like the fact I was gay,” Wharton recalled, reports Forces News.

“They were sort-of chest poking me and making me feel quite uncomfortable.”

“I got into my tank where Prince Harry was doing something, and he could see that I was clearly affected by something and he asked me what the problem was.

“I told him that there were a couple of soldiers outside who weren’t very happy with the fact I was gay.

“Quite offended that his gunner was being picked on by these people, Prince Harry went out and saw these soldiers and spoke to them, and the problem went away.

“He told them off and they left me alone.”