Queer Content Creators SUE YouTube, Google For Discrimination

Several LGBTQ YouTube creators filed a lawsuit against Google yesterday, reports pcmag.com.

 They claim the company discriminated against them by restricting their content and not doing enough to staunch the flow of hate speech on the platform, according to the Washington Post.

Several creators, including Bria Kam and Chrissy Chambers of BriaAndChrissy—a channel aimed at LGBTQ viewers—claim YouTube unfairly marked their videos as Restricted, limiting who could view them and how much money they could make. In the Post’s report, Kam and Chambers say they went from making $3,500 a month on their videos to $500.

Lindsay Amer, another plaintiff, said YouTube did nothing when Nazi trolls flooded her comments section with hate, which discouraged parents from letting their kids watch her channel. Others claim YouTube’s mysterious moderators targeted videos that included the words “gay,” “lesbian,” or “bisexual.”