DMV Rejects “LTHR DDY” License Plate. In California!

A San Francisco man is fighting back after the DMV rejected his application for a vanity license plate reading LTHR DDY, shorthand for “leather daddy,” reports Alicia Luce at

Robert Haynes applied for the plate for his motorcycle in December. He received a letter stating his application was being processed. But one month later, Haynes received another letter denying his plate and refunding his $50 application fee.

The letter stated the application was denied because, “The configuration has a sexual connotation or is a term of lust or depravity.”

That’s when Haynes decided to contact state Senator Scott Wiener,¬†reports¬†

“I’ve known that he is a big advocate of not just gay rights and elevating the understanding of various components of gay culture, but also that he’s a big advocate of first amendment and freedom of speech,” Haynes said.

Wiener got back to Haynes within 24 hours and sent a letter to the DMV asking them to overturn the decision.