LGBTQ Anti-Violence Group On Justin Smollett Attack: Gay Black Men Most Vulnerable

(Photo: Jussie Smollett)

On the reported hate violence against actor Jussie Smollett, the New York City Anti-Violence Project (AVP) issued this statement:

 “While details are still developing, the hate violence Jussie Smollett experienced is reflective of what we see in our national data on hate violence, in our clients in New York City as well as the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP) across the nation. LGBTQ people living at multiple intersections of oppression, such as racism and homophobia, experience compounded violence. This reality is what informs us to do our work holistically. Jussie is not alone. Gay Black men are some of the most vulnerable to violence in the LGBTQ community and this must continue to be addressed. Our work focuses to end and disrupt systemic violence that thousands of LGBTQ survivors face, while also working to support survivors in the aftermath of violence. Our deepest thoughts and commitment to this work is with Jussie and all survivors.

If you’re experiencing anti-LGBTQ hate violence in the Chicago area, reach out to local NCAVP partner Center on Halsted Anti-Violence Project at (773) 472-6469, Ext. 474. For incidents across the nation, find your local NCAVP partner at