Family Of BULLIED Transgender 7th Grader Starts GoFundMe Page To Move

The family of a 12-year-old transgender girl are fundraising to move away from Oklahoma after receiving threats from fellow parents in her school, reports Pink News.

Vicious posts were made against Maddie on a viral Facebook post complaining about the teenager using the school’s female bathrooms.

Messages referred to the 7th grader as “it,” “this thing,” “half baked maggot” and “the transgender,” and one person even threatened to use a “good sharp knife” to slice her genitals.

The abuse led police to shutting down schools for two days in Achille, Oklahoma in order to investigate and contain the problem.

Now the family are trying to move away from the area and through the kindness of a stranger, have a GoFundMe page dedicated to them which has currently raised over $17,000.