The Art

Miguel Andrisani

I’m a true Pisces—a merboy out of water, Compassionate, a genuine friend, imaginative, and very emotional—so don’t make me cry. I am Californian raised here, in Los Angeles and Argentina, by a crazy Italian family. My goals and dreams for the future are all over the place, (I guess that suits my personality) which allows me to not only daydream, but swim. My artistry ranges across the spectrum of creativity. Professionally I am a makeup artist & artist. Currently, I have been exploring the digital medium of illustration, allowing my passions for the sea, mermaids, and adventurous storytelling come alive. All of my pieces originate with a concept; I sketch it on paper, digitally render the images , explore colors, play with hues and shading to create the cohesive piece fished out of my imagination.”

Website: Instagram: @Migs.Art. Facebook: @ArtsbyMigs.