Locali West Hollywood

Healthy, fresh and ready-made food in a friendly, quick-service environment.


If 7-Eleven and Whole Foods had a love child, Locali would be it. We make eating healthy convenient. Locali provides a nonjudgmental bridge to a healthier lifestyle,” states Locali’s co-founder and CEO Melissa Rosen.

Locali was created to provide consumers access to healthy, fresh and ready-made food in a friendly, quick-service environment. The company’s success demonstrates that nutritious food, creatively prepared, can be easily available, delicious and affordable, while supporting sustainable agriculture.

“No matter what your dietary preference is, you can dine with us without sacrificing  flavor. We cater to everyone’s taste buds and eating lifestyles. We make sure that the food we serve is made with integrity and love for all who enter our doors,” says co-founder and COO Greg Horos.

Locali’s delicious organic, vegan and gluten-free options will definitely keep you coming back for more!

Locali’s is located at 8730 Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood. The Grand Opening is set for November 16th. The restaurant will be open for business during the day but the Grand Opening celebration will take place from 5pm-8pm.  The first 100 guests will receive a free Badass Breakfast Sandwich.