Better Sex

“I am happy I had the surgery, the results have been incredible. The implant is easy to use, not noticeable, and sex has been fantastic.”


Joshua R Gonzalez, MD, an L.A. based fellowship-trained urologic surgeon specializing in men’s health, treats men dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED).

“There are solutions for ED.  And most of them are covered by insurance,” states Dr. Gonzalez. “Severity is an important factor in picking the right solution.  Broadly speaking, there are hormonal treatments, oral and injectable medications that help improve blood flow, and even surgery.  I make a promise to every patient I see with ED: one way or another I will get them an erection.”

Dr. Gonzales is passionate about working within the community. “Many of my patients have told me that they feel a sense of relief when they find out that I’m gay.  A weight is lifted, the embarrassment goes out the window, and they can finally be honest about what’s going on.”

One such patient recently wrote the following testimonial.

“My name is John, I am 54, gay, and have been with my partner, Jeffrey, for 17 years. We have recently become dads through surrogacy. We have a 2-year-old son and  6-month-old twins, a girl and a boy. I am a gay professional, in a committed relationship, and  a father of three.  I have a very busy and active life but struggled with sexual dysfunction. Because of Dr. Joshua Gonzalez and his recommendation of Coloplast surgery, I can now say that I am a  professional, a father, and a gay man who has a very satisfying sex life.”

“I met Dr. Gonzalez in 2014 and that’s when I first discovered my many years of not being able to maintain an erection and just having okay sex was due to Erectile Dysfunction.  After trying a course of different treatments (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, testosterone replacement, penile injections) with limited success, I consulted with Dr. Joshua Gonzalez.  His recommendation was Coloplast surgery and on October 28, 2015, I had the surgery.  I did have reservations but I trusted Dr. Gonzalez and he was able to answer my questions and alleviate my fears and concerns. I find Dr. Gonzalez well informed and educated on the most recent information on sexual dysfunctions,  patient friendly, and a formidable advocate for the gay community.”

“I am happy I had the surgery, the results have been incredible. The implant is easy to use, not noticeable, and sex has been fantastic. Because of Dr. Gonzalez’ recommendation, my erection no longer has control of my sex life. I have control of my sex life.”

“I am so happy with the implant, that I have become a patient advocate for Coloplast. I believe there are a lot of men that would benefit from the surgery. I hope that working with Dr. Gonzalez and getting the word out to the gay community will help men struggling with erectile dysfunction.

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