APLA Panel: Prevention and Treatment in the Black/African American Community

Tomorrow, February 7th, is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness day!

Photo: Chandi Moore of Bravo’s “I Am Cait”

Join Terry Smith (APLA Health director of HIV prevention services), Traci Bivens-Davis (Common Ground director of prevention), and Chandi Moore (Bravo TV’s I Am Cait) for a panel on HIV Within the Black Community. The panel will be streamed live from the APLA Facebook page from 10-11:30 AM on Tuesday, February 7th. Check it out!

“On National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, during Black History Month, and beyond, we are committed to ensuring people know how to get the care they need and feel comfortable talking about HIV and their sexual health,” APLA Health Director of HIV Prevention Services Terry Smith says. “We are facing a very uncertain time in terms of access to health care and funding for services. Now is not a time to roll back any of the advances we’ve made against HIV.”

Photo: APLA Health Director of HIV Prevention Services Terry Smith