Life Skills

Foundations Los Angeles at Encino, The Canyon at Peace Park in Malibu and Michael’s House in Palm Springs.  

Located just northwest of the bustling heart of Los Angeles, Foundations Los Angeles at Encino caters to the unique needs of our fast-paced community with its convenient and comprehensive outpatient center.

The foundation of their program is a continuum of individual and group therapies, integrated educational sessions, case management and holistic approaches. Employing Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other proven methods, they walk with patients using a stages-of-change approach. As you gain knowledge about the addiction process and yourself, you are given the tools to help you achieve your personal recovery goals.

Specialty groups offer supportive therapy for professionals, couples, families, men and women. Their anger management sessions, life skills training, vocational counseling, educational assistance, sobriety management and secondary help for eating disorders allow patients to customize their care to address their unique needs.

To receive a confidential assessment or enroll in the outpatient program at Foundations LA,  call (855) 317-8258.

For those needing a higher level of care, Foundations Recovery Network provides residential treatment at The Canyon at Peace Park in Malibu and Michael’s House in Palm Springs.

The Canyon at Peace Park is a sanctuary of healing that combines holistic therapies and innovative approaches for a distinguished treatment experience.

At Michael’s House, curriculum for the men’s program focuses on developing a strength-based skill set, while the women’s program focuses on resiliency.

Michael’s House—like all of Foundations Recovery Networks’ facilities—is LGBT-friendly, with an LGBT track comprised of a process group and supportive therapy.

For more info on all of Foundation Recovery Networks’ facilities—visit