intro_about Tim Cook, the openly gay CEO of Apple, may not be the only high-profile gay CEO (although the only one in the Fortune 500), but he is one of a select few LGBT community members who have ascended to that level of executive leadership. Stanford University seeks to close that gap with a sort of adult summer camp that would definitely make much of corporate America and perhaps the entire Republican party, quiver in fear.

The Graduate School of Business at Stanford University has put together an “LGBT Executive Leadership Program,” or “LGBT Business Bootcamp” aimed at training specifically LGBT executives for climbing the ladder to more prominent positions of leadership. It is “the only Executive Education program of its kind offered by a leading business school to address the significant gap in leadership for lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgender people in the C-suite,” according to the Stanford Website, and will include leadership training, personal management assessments and seminars geared towards innovative, design thinking as well as authenticity, openness and confidence.

Key Benefits are identified as:

  • Learn how your LGBT identity influences and strengthens your personal leadership style
  • Assess and refine your interpersonal skills to become a more authentic leader
  • Develop new models and mindsets for innovation using design thinking
  • Strengthen non-verbal and verbal communication skills
  • Think, prepare, and act globally
  • Identify best practices for building LGBT employee networks and career paths within your organization
  • Build a strong network of LGBT peers with whom you can share ideas and experiences

The program is a week-long intensive and will span from July 31 РAugust 5, 2016. Applications are due June 24th, 2016.

More information and applications are available at the Stanford Site