Gay Filipino comedian Nico Santos in “Crazy Rich Asians.” WATCH!

(Photo: Nick Santos)

Crazy Rich Asians – the  buzzed-about adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s novel sees an Asian-American professor, Rachel (Constance Wu) learn that her hunky boyfriend, Nick (Henry Golding), is from a famous and wealthy Singaporean family – headed by snooty matriarch (Michelle Yeoh), reports

Gay Filipino comedian Nico Santos of NBC’s Superstore stars as Nick’s gay cousin, Oliver, who takes a kindly shine to Rachel.

In an interview with Town & Country Santos said: “I hope this movie does really well, I want everyone to see it. It’s a fantastic, fun movie—and you don’t always get to see people of color in these situations. But I also hope it’s just the first of movies like that starring Asian people. There should be 100 of these already.”

(August 15, Warner Bros.)