Dancing With The Stars

Young Ballroom Dancer

Arthur Murray Dance Centers of Pasadena launches Same-Sex/LGBT ballroom dance classes. 


While the dance community has always been a known supporter of the LGBT community, there have been few opportunities of direct interaction between the two.

However, over the past few months, these communities have grown closer together—all because of George Estrada, a current franchisee of the Arthur Murray Dance Center of Pasadena.

As a strong supporter of the LGBT community, Estrada, who has been with The Arthur Murray family for over 10 years, decided the time has come to open his doors to all.

Since April this year—Arthur Murray Dance Center in Pasadena has dedicated every first and third Saturday of every month to Same-Sex/LGBT Ballroom Dance classes.

Arthur Murray Dance Centers are known for teaching students how to ballroom dance in such a way that leaves no room for confusion—in a fast, fun and easy manner. The company is known worldwide with studios in over 280 locations.

Ballroom dance is considered partnership dancing. For the past 100 years of Arthur Murray Dance Centers’ existence—partner dancing has always been a standard of a man as the leader and a woman as the follower.

Now, says Estrada, it is the time to break the mold and show the world that the possibilities are endless.

“Having a safe and friendly space for the LGBT community is extremely important to me,” says Estrada, adding that, “it’s an exciting time—knowing that we now have the potential to make history in the world of dance.”

Spread the word and join Estrada and his team at the Arthur Murray Dance Centers of Pasadena, located at 100 N. Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101.

For more info call (626) 793-1030 or visit danceinpasadena.com.