The TS Madison Experience

The first black, transgender woman to host a mainstream talk show


WE tv today has announced a new series “THE TS MADISON EXPERIENCE,” starring the social media sensation, TS Madison, premiering the month. 

Produced by World of Wonder (“RuPaul’s Drag Race,” “Million Dollar Listing” franchise), the six, one-hour episodes follow Madison as she navigates her authentic journey as an internet star while adapting to the new normal of today’s world.

TS Madison is a loud, brash, and outrageous social media star and influencer with a huge following of adoring fans from her hilarious online shows, most notably, “The Queens Supreme Court.” Now, she turns her sights to her next goal—to be the first black, transgender woman to host a mainstream talk show.

“TS Madison is a social media powerhouse whose larger-than-life personality and infectious nature are all tell-tale signs of a superstar on the rise,” says Lauren Gellert, EVP of Development and Original Programming for WE tv. “We worked closely with Madison and are honored she chose WE tv to tell her story and share her journey. We believe our audience will fall in love with her just like we did.”

“TS Madison has a voice like no other; fearless, funny, outspoken and compassionate,” said producers Bailey and Barbato of World of Wonder. “We have been superfans forever and she is the character America needs right now! We are excited to work with WE tv to bring TS and her world to audiences.”

The series follows Madison’s “found family” including Leggra, her manager; Craig, the showrunner; Che Che, her personal assistant and Oliver, her AV expert. The team is committed to Madison and ready to embark on the journey of world domination, but the road can get bumpy. Will this tight-knit group rise to the occasion?

Madison’s mother, uber religious Ms. Mary, is her heart, soul, and everything. Madison doesn’t do anything without Ms. Mary’s guidance and support as she is the one person in her life she trusts and reveres. While strain affected the mother-daughter duo in the past, they are closer than ever. Ms. Mary is truly the matriarch and glue that holds the “found family” together.

Rounding out the cast is reality-TV star Tiffany “New York” Pollard. Tiffany is 100% committed to Madison’s success; always managing to swoop in when Madison needs her most. However, when forces beyond their control strike, can Tiffany still be the help and support she has grown so accustomed to?

With so much on the line Madison must quickly pivot and use her grit and wit to succeed as her Atlanta residency and plans to take her show on the road come to a halt. How will Madison move forward? She’s come so far from life on the streets. Is it all worth the gamble? Will everything she’s worked so hard for fall apart? 

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